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Bulk Email and Smsing

Welcome to eMC!

eMC is a web application that allows companies or individuals to easily manage people and organisations’ contact details.

eMC allows you to categorise, group, list and filter people’s contact details according to specified criteria. The system is designed to be mobile and desktop friendly making it accessible from anywhere at anytime and allows for multiple users to access the same data securely, thus great for organisations to share and manage contact details in a central place.

eMC is geared for bulk emailing and smsing and supports communication templates for professional looking emails and consistent sms messaging. These communications can be scheduled for specific times or dates making it great for reminders, follow-ups or time targeted messages.

Multiple subscription lists can be created to manage audiences and topics, making it quick and easy to send out newsletters or special offers. This also allows for quick and efficient opt-outs and unsubscribe options. Register